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Recent News & Updates

20% Discount on Limited Edition Coins

With a new tie-up with a popular coupons website, we have decided to offer a 20% discount to all customers who buy Limited Edition coins through the Amazon Offers Today section of the Yes Coupons website.

This is a limited time offer and we only have a fixed number of coins that are eligible for this offer.

The Latest Mumbai Mint App

We’re really happy to announce the launch of the new Mumbai Mint app. This is a brand new app that has been completely re-designed from scratch. It should work with any of the phones with Andriod 2.7 and above.

The app features detailed pictures and information about commemorative coins, limited edition coins and the coins currently in circulation. In addition, the app also has a list of important announcements and job openings that are published on the website. By the end of the year, we will add the e-tender facility to the app so businesses can apply for tenders online.

Please reach out to us if you have any feedback for the app or you would like us to include some features.